VA Home Loan Requirements for Spouses

The Department of Veterans Affairs official site lists a set of circumstances where the spouse of a veteran may be eligible to apply for VA home loan benefits

The veteran and spouse can apply for a VA mortgage together as long as they meet the VA loan requirements, and may also apply for refinance loans guaranteed by the VA. 

Those refinance loans can be for existing VA mortgages or conventional loans, FHA mortgages, etc.

But what about situations where a spouse may wish to apply alone? In general the VA loan benefit is for veterans only, but there are a few exceptions to that rule. According to the VA official site.

The VA loan eligibility of a spouse depends on the relationship--for example, a divorced spouse cannot apply alone for VA loan eligibility. A surviving spouse of a veteran who passed away may be eligible, but those who remarry are subject to the restrictions mentioned above.

What About Surviving Spouses?

Surviving spouses must apply for VA loan eligibility in the same manner as a veteran--there is a form to fill out which must be submitted to the Department of Veterans Affairs and the usual VA loan rules and VA loan requirements apply. 

New purchase VA loans cannot be used for anything but primary residences--the spouse must certify he or she intends to live on the property full time as the primary occupant.

Under current law, most surviving spouses of veterans whose deaths were not service-connected, but who had permanent, service-connected disabilities, are eligible to receive monthly compensation payments from the VA.  

These same spouses could not, however qualify for a VA home loan.  Foxx’s bill, which passed the House as part of H.R. 2433, corrects this problem by making these spouses eligible for the loan.

The Disabled American Veterans, America Legion, the MOAA and the VFW endorsed her legislation. 

The 2.1 million member Veterans of Foreign Wars stated in a letter of support that “allowing a military widow to utilize the VA home loan program is the right thing to do.”

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